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Every month, the team behind Nomad Eatery will bring you an exclusive, members-only wine and/or spirit along with the latest food + wine pairings, cocktail recipes and news. Members will also have access to special pricing, pick-up tastings and events at Nomad Eatery.

This Month's Featured Spirit

The wine for October will be a red wine from France.

The varietal is called Broucol, a mostly unknown grape, even in France. The name of the wine is Le Champ d’Orphee.

It comes from the Gailac region in South West France. The wine is made from Stephane Lucas, on an estate that’s only 1.9 acres. He is extremely interested in producing wine that is “of the land”, wines that taste of the soil, climate and geography in which it is grown.

He practices biodynamic wine farming, free of all herbicides. Everything is harvested by hand. It’s a medium-bodied red, with deep red cherries, low tannins and a bit of spice.

The special price this October is $15 per glass (for anyone) and $45 per bottle (spirit club members), while supplies last.


Chef-owner Scott Cooper of Nomad Eatery is bringing familiar favorites to the table this month of October. Try the Nomad Sausage Plate, a Grilled Bratwurst topped with smoky fresh herbs, and sauerkraut alongside crispy German potatoes. And don’t consider leaving without ordering Three Weavers Seafarer Kolsch-style ale, a lively and refreshing beer.

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