History of Nomad Eatery

Nomad Eatery believes from humble world regions great food can come.

Nomad was created to offer uplifting, conscious, truly elevated food in an approachable and affordable way.  Using precisely balanced carbs, proteins, and accent ingredients, Nomad creates vibrant dishes that a meandering, somewhat adventurous backpacker – a Nomad – would want to eat.

What began thirty years ago as a four month traveling trip culminated in what is today a menu designed to take you to many cuisines –  the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia, and Latin America – tied together by the goals of eating great food, celebrating dishes found all over these regions, respecting the indigenous flavors, and doing it all in a modern way.

Interior of Nomad Eatery


In Ancient Rome, Pateras were wide, shallow bowls for eating and drinking.  The perfect vessel for devouring braised meats and sopping up the juices.